2018 Mendis Trophy Gala Result

WELL DONE TEAM – 3rd place
19 PB’s: -
Alex Gallagher (2, 1 Club Record) Henry Leach (2) Mateusz Smialek (2) Ben Eden,
Mary O’Neill, Lily Jones, Molly Hewitt, Joe Tierney, Esme Gilbert, Sophie Fenner,
Connor Loughlin, Oliver Clifton, Molly Hewitt, Lucy Ryan, Carl Purvey, George Milton.
9 First Places: -
Mateusz Smialek (2) Ben Eden, Lucy Ryan, Harry Smith, Beth Dennis, Carl Purvey,
Henry Leach, Boys 13/U Freestyle Relay.
This was a good test for us against quality opposition.
Many thanks to everyone for your help and support.
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