Club Rules

New FINA Swimwear bylaws The new FINA bylaws on swimwear took effect from 01-01-2010 for all competitions except Masters events. They are:- BL 8 – Swimwear
BL 8.1 – All FINA approved swimwear to be used at the Olympic Games and FINA World Championships must be approved by FINA at least twelve (12) months prior to the start of the respective competition. In addition, it must be available for all competitors by 1st January of the year of the Olympic Games or FINA World Championships.
BL 8.2 – In swimming competitions the competitor must wear only one swimsuit in one or two pieces. No additional items, like arm bands or leg bands shall be regarded as parts of a swimsuit.
BL 8.3 – From January 1st 2010 swimwear for men shall not extend above the navel nor below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below knee. All swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.